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25-09-19 / 11:25 AM

We could tell that the BRID was a quality product. We bought the BRID primarily to help our son with his allergies. We could tell the difference when using the BRID.

18-09-19 / 09:00 AM

The air quality is much better – as measured independently by my array of Eve Room devices There is less dust in the house – as reported by the cleaning lady :slightly_smiling_face: The HomeKit programming works wonderfully – my home hub can start and stop the BRID according to time and day and events in the house, making me able to come home to good air quality after work.

09-07-19 / 02:00 PM

It’s been great using the BRID and even recently when we had one wall repainted, the painters were surprised at how quickly it cleared the paint smell away. Kind regards, Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams
08-20-19 / 05:00 PM

I had promised you a testimonial. This too has been long in coming because I needed time to be sure of the efficiency of these filters. :+1: THEY ARE A “GOD SENT”. I had a malfunction of the furnace in my home. It caused a crack in the heat exchanger which allowed the carbon monoxide and petroleum fumes to enter into the living quarters of the house. It was a fairly new furnace so there was no visible soot which usually appears with this type of occurrence. Our first indication was that the pets were dying. I began to have tremors and seizures. My daughter and son-in-law were living in a section of the house at the time and also developed symptoms of toxicity. We all have been through major detoxing but still have significant sensitivities and reactions to chemicals, metals, and mold. We have to be very careful of what we come in contact with and what comes into the house and our vehicles. I have waited this long to give you a testimonial because I wanted to be sure my information would be accurate. We have had these air purifiers in the house now for a few months. Recently, we hired an air quality company to test the air throughout the house for mold, chemicals, etc. Results, air quality was excellent. The representative said it was better than places they test right after migration. Linda

05-14-19 / 06:25 PM

I’ve been using BRID for a few months and it’s an amazing product. The filter works so well, you can really feel the difference in the air and my air quality monitor confirms that sensation.

05-14-19 / 05:23 PM

It’s the vest! So easy to set up! Already noticing a difference! So impressed!!! Great addition to my Homekit setup!

04-15-19 / 11:23 AM

My son suffers from severe hay fever for years now. For two weeks we got our Brid working and it is better than our heap filter, he can breathe freely!

04-02-19 / 11:23 AM

My wife came from a trip and she notices the difference in the air. It was running just for a few hours.

02-26-19 / 09:23 AM

It’s only been two days so far, but my room already smells distinctly different from the rest of the house. I’m actually pretty surprised since in the time between the kickstarter campaign and now I picked up a dyson fan with a hepa filter in order to try and control my allergies. I figured this wouldn’t be too noticeably different, but I was clearly mistaken. I’m excited to see how it goes once the allergy season begins again. I used to work in a not-very-safety-oriented research lab that did a lot of work with ozone treating of plastics and gels, so I ended up becoming very sensitive to that kind of air. I got a UV device for cleaning my phone a while ago but I almost can’t be around it when it’s on. Something about the air coming from the brid is vaguely reminiscent of ozone treated air, so at first I was a little worried about whether I’d be able to handle it, but after a few minutes it was fine. I wish I could explain the sensation more clearly, it was a pretty novel experience for me. Kind of like if you’ve ever gotten food poisoning and then tasted a different food later that was kind of similar. It’s awesome that you were able to find a way to achieve this kind of air treatment without ozone.

02-08-19 / 11:00 AM

At first, I wasn't sure whether it was actually doing anything (I'm sensitive to pet and cooking odors and I probably undersized my Bird for the size of the area), but now I'm convinced it makes a difference. When I return home from abroad, I no longer smell "must" and dog.

01-18-19 / 9:34 PM

I am positive that Brid works, which is why I bought a second unit. I am considering buying another eventually as well. I have an Eve Room Sensor and my VOC levels have dropped significantly. My 13-year old brother told me that he doesn’t see dust particles floating around in the air anymore (when you catch rays of sunlight at the right angle, you usually see little things floating in the air. Not anymore). Our cleaning lady told me that she is seeing much less dust somehow in our home (and she had no idea we had gotten an Air Purifier). Before winter hit, my allergies in my home got much better because of Brid. September and October are always the two months of the year where I really suffer. Spring allergies somehow do not really affect me though, thankfully.

01-12-19 / 5:42 PM

I am so grateful and thankful tohave our BRID here finally. Will be ordering another larger one for the house full time next month. As of right now I use the air purifier in the car and all over the house. It works perfectly in the car and completely changes my driving experience when Imust go into town to run errands. Most especially it has helped my children with special needs. The cleaner air in the car has helped to improve their lives in so many ways.

01-18-19 / 11:51 AM

I was out of town when the second unit arrived. I have both of them now and my home has never smelled better. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats and the litter box and general smell of 5 animals in the house got to be pretty bad at times and we relied on air fresheners and candles to mask the scent. Now, the scent is just gone. The wait was worth it!

14-10-18 / 9:47 AM

Just wanted to let you know hoe much I love my BRID! I have been using it since it arrived and it works very well. I also connected it to the iOS app with no problem.Thanks to your whole team for such a stellar product! I hope to buy a second unit in the near future.

12-10-18 / 7:23 PM

My only regret is not getting 2. Thanks Atellani!

11-27-18 / 11:02 AM

Just received my Brid and I can say it worth the wait and the money. One of my rooms had very bad air problems but after 1 day of full use the air is clean and breathable. Brid is amazing! Thanks for the amazing job!

11-20-18 / 10:23 PM

The Brid works very well it would appear: my girlfriend's sinuses are now unblocked, thank you.

10-26-18 / 7:09 PM

Received my 3 Brids today. They look beautiful, the setup was ultimately smooth. I don't have other Homekit devices, so it may be standard for them, however I own many other 'smart' devices and Brid was the first to pick my wifi settings automatically, impressive.

10-18-18 / 6:30 PM

The brids are AMAZING and they integrate with HomeKit really well. I can say that my wife and I have really noticed a difference. We just moved to a new place and our allergies were killing us.

09-18-18 / 6:51 PM

Every morning for 21 years my wife sneezes 8-12 times in a row without fail. From the first night my BRID was installed, she has not sneezed again in 5 days!

08-18-18 / 9:03 PM

Hello to all, after almost 10 working days, I can say that it definitely works. The air quality is improved.

08-3-18 / 11:30 PM

The BRID arrived Friday and I must say that industrial design, materials quality, fit and finish are all outstanding. The tactile feedback of the switch, the color temperature of the staged lighting, the overall weight of the purifier, the texture of the no fingerprint metal finish all speak to the considerable thought that went into its outstanding design. As you say in Italy, bravo!

07-23-18 / 6:23 PM

Hey guys, I'd just like to say I am very much enjoying my 2 BRID XL's so far. I have a cat and live on a busy street in Chicago and there is a noticeable difference in air quality after having run them for about a week. The BRID team's hard work and dedication is so much appreciated! It looks beautiful and seems to be working.

07-18-18 / 15:17 PM

I received my BRID yesterday, already very impressed, so much so that family want one too.

07-15-18 / 11:20 AM

I'm reaching out to say that I've received the BRIDs, and have tried them. It's pretty impressive, I had some durian over the weekend. Naturally the smell had to permeate into my bedroom. I switched on the BRID and after about 15-20 minutes, it noticeably reduced the intensity of the smell between my bedroom and my living room.In addition, last night was the first night my wife didn't toss and turn, and seemed to be breathing easier –so much that I noticed a significant reduction in her snoring. Hopefully, it will help stave off her bouts of eczema too.I just wanted to reach out and thank you for everything, and that I would be unbashedly recommending BRID to anyone that asks for an air purifier.

07-7-18 / 9:51 PM

Love the product, still amazed I haven't snored since I got it, since I was pretty bad after a couple of drinks it's been very popular with my partner.

06-2-18 / 3:17 PM

The Brid itself seems to work very good. It seems to do its work, I have had less problems with my allergy after having it on for a few nights in the bedroom.

05-25-18 / 6:23 PM

I have received my BRID. Everything you promised is true. Beautiful design, no noise on night-mode, works perfect.

05-12-18 / 11:00 AM

I received my brid today. The unit exceeds my expectations on build quality and I am excited to get it going.

04-18-18 / 4:51 PM

I just received my BRID today and am very happy it works as advertised, thank you for making such a premium device and following through!