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BRID's patented P.h.o.e.b.e.® Technology (Photocatalitic Embedded Filter For Environmental Treatments) destroys different classes of indoor pollutants transforming them into harmless substances. Our unique nano-structured ceramic filters last up to 15 years, you won’t have to worry about costly replacements.

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What they say about Brid

Love the product, still amazed I haven't snored since I got it.


We could tell that the BRID was a quality product. We bought the BRID primarily to help our son with his allergies. We could tell the difference when using the BRID.


It’s been great using the BRID and even recently when we had one wall repainted, the painters were surprised at how quickly it cleared the paint smell away.

Ryan Williams

I’ve been using BRID for a few months and it’s an amazing product. The filter works so well, you can really feel the difference in the air and my air quality monitor confirms that sensation.


My son suffers from severe hay fever for years now. For two weeks we got our Brid working and it is better than our heap filter, he can breathe freely!


BRID gets rid of

bacteria and viruses


BRID protects you from airborne pathogens



Unlike HEPA filters, BRID eliminates gaseous pollutants

allergic mold


Processes mold spores and blocks its diffusion

dust and allergens


Significantly reduces and treats allergy symptoms

carbon monoxide


Eliminates unpleasant organic smells and cooking odoors

dust mites


Destroys dust mites and relieves allergy symptoms

pet dander icon


Blocks pet dander and alleviate pet allergy symptoms

Proven Results

BRID wins against NOx

NOx is an abbreviation for nitrogen oxides which are a family of poisonous gases composed of nitrogen and oxygen. This pollution is created by man-made events such as fuel combustion, water waste treatment and agricultural activities and emissions of NOx can cause an array of chronic health problems.
Where we can find it:mainly in motor vehicles, wood burning heaters and from industrial waste

A BRID unit was placed inside a 1 cubic meter laboratory glove box that was polluted with a highly concentrated amount of NOx gas (100 ppb). The test was conducted by measuring the air quality wtih a chemiluminescence Thermo 42 I every 10 seconds. This test was conducted by Colorobbia Consulting srl.

brid nox risultato del test

BRID Wins Against PMs

PM or Particulate matter describes extremely small solid particles and liquid droplets suspended in the air. Particulate matter can be made up of a variety of components including nitrates, sulphates, organic chemicals, metals, soil or dust particles, and allergens (such as fragments of pollen or mold spores).
Where we can find it: mainly in motor vehicles, wood burning heaters and from industrial waste.

A BRID unit was placed in a 22 square meter furnished office. The test samples were taken from 6 different positions in the room according to the idications required from the law: UNI EN IS= 14644-1:2016
The test was conducted by Studio Ambiente srl.

brid pms risultato del test

BRID Wins Against VOCs

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are dangerous chemicals and they represent the most prevalent pollutants in indoor environments. Unlike HEPA filters, BRID destroys these gaseous pollutants that, when not treated, can cause long term health effects
Where we can find it:paint, lacquer, moth repellents, air fresheners, wood preservatives, aerosol sprays.

A BRID unit was placed in 0.5 cubic meter hermetic reactor that was polluted with vaporized ethanol. The quantity of ethanol was 100ppb This test was conducted by Micro-B srl

brid voc risultato del test

BRID Wins Against VOCs

Various types of VOCs have been tested to confirm the abatement indications. In particular, the following VOCs have been tested with very similar depletion results: ethyl acetate, formaldehyde, isopropanol, limonene, toluene. The graph shows the abatement curve of limonene, a substance which is very common in our homes

All of the following VOCs, formaldehyde, acetone, iso-propoanol, toluene were tested by inserting the BRID in a 1m3 plexiglass-tight chamber equipped with special nozzles for the introduction of pollutants and for sampling the gases to be analyzed.The test was performed by Biochemie Lab S.r.l.

brid voc risultato del test

BRID wins against Bacterial and Virus

A number of different types of bacteria can be found in the environments. We generally speak of "Total Microbial Load", meaning by this both the bacterial and mycetic due to yeasts and molds. In real environments, the total microbial load also varies during the day and especially as a result of aeration of the environments themselves. Unlike HEPA filters or activated carbon filters, there is no accumulation of bacteria in the filter but destruction. Consequently, there is no subsequent proliferation on the filters.
Dove sono presenti: sistemi di riscaldamento, aria condizionata, muffa, sospensione della polvere, animali domestici, esseri umani.

The microbial analysis were carried out within an office of common use, in order to have a basic microbial load sufficient to carry out the analysis. The sampling was performed following the M.U. 1962.2: 06 with Micro Flow instrumentation at a flow of 200 L / min 4 times a day, at a distance of two hours from each other. The same procedure was applied with the BRID device in BOOST mode in continuous service for 5 consecutive working days. At the end of the 5 days, the results obtained with and without BRID were compared, the graphs showing the daily averages obtained.
The test was conducted by Biochemie Lab S.r.l

risultato del test dei batteri brid

You won't need to buy replacements.
The filters will last virtually forever.

BRID improves the quality of the air you breathe every single day. The patented nano-structured ceramic filters effectively break down a wide variety of pollutants, transforming them into harmless substances. They don’t stick to the filters: they are vaporized, really gone!

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P.o.e.b.e.® filters

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The most powerful protection against bacteria and viruses

BRID targets bacteria and viruses, without toughening the strongest ones, which is what usually occurs.
By lowering the level of harmful impurities you, your loved ones and those around you are guaranteed a clean and healthy environment that won't weaken your immune system or create an overly sterile environment.